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See below a summary of our projects, 

Recent projects


Ai generator 

- Free Chat: You can pretty much ask it anything - Just like ChatGPT
- Curated Templates: Here - We have added many curated templates that could help you with a bunch of content creation tasks
- Q&A Bot: Using this, you can create your own Q&A bot, whose knowledge will be based on the documents you add (.pdf, .txt, .word files) - (basically, your own chatgpt types bot) and put it on your website in just a few minutes.


No-code EDI platform for modern brands.
A SaaS platform that allows modern omni-channel brands (merchants), and decision makers at those merchants such as CEO, CFO, COO run the back office of their business more efficiently.


Kleoverse is the platform of work in the Web3, revolutionizing how talent is signaled and discovered on the web, Permissionless projects and blockchain-based Personal Portfolios.


Unveil is an NFT market-place for digital art. Users include artists, curators and collectors. Collectors can order artists or curators artworks as an NFT and can also get a printed artwork for the same. 


Atllas is a real-estate platform that brings together clients and agents that makes everything in property dealing much easier for both of them.


Column is the social network for high-quality, topic-specific content where you can adjust your own algorithm, grow reputation in topics you care about, and take control over your feed.

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